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Website Development & SEO

At Aeonspark Designs, we pride our ability to develop websites that are not only stable, secure or inovative. We look to intergrate SEO into all our websites as if it was part of the foundation.

Website Development

Do you want to have just the foundations of the platform? We can set up your WordPress Core and Hosting for you to ensure that the foundations of your online platform is nice and secure.

Starts from €250

Security Audit

Your website security is key for keeping your business operational. But it’s a lot more then just updating plugins, themes or core. We will do a full security audit to let you know where your defences are weak and how to improve your chances of keeping it secure, it’s a WordPress Pentest of sorts!

Starts from €800

Website Support

Need support for your business? Worried that your website will crash or need something changed in a hurry? We can provide you with the nesscary support to ensure that you continue to bring those sales in!

Starts from €30 per month

Basic SEO

This is vital for your business or website to gain more exposure online and to help people find it through search engines. We will ensure that we will help you find all those key words that you need to beat the rest and be the best!

Starts from €400

Website Design & Brand Strategy

It’s one thing for you website to look really nice, but it must also fit your brand and brand guidelines too! We have experts at hand to help to ensure that your brand guidelines are translated across any platform.

logo Design

We have some of the best graphic designers on board to help develop your logo to how you want it to be, and what it truly says about you!

Starts from €50

Single Page Design

Want a simple one page website? That’s no problem and sometimes often the best choice depending on business you own. 

Starts from €350

Full Website Package

Want a website with everything included? This is the package for you! From developing the core foundation to styling the website to adding bespoke plugins. We will sort everything out so that you can focus on your business

Starts from €1100

Brand Strategy

It’s one thing to have a brand designed with a fancy website, but you need to push that brand accordinly to gain new business and followers. We will help you create a brand strategy that invokes your culture and your goals.

Starts from €600

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